About me

I’m interested in bridging the gap between research and applied cryptography. I’m currently a cryptography engineer at Apple, working on libraries such as corecrypto and CryptoKit, and bringing my cryptographic expertise to Apple features and products.

Previously I was at Google, working on making Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE) practical. I implemented Jaxite, a TFHE library written in JAX to target TPU and GPUs, and worked on a general-purpose FHE Transpiler. I was also on Google’s security team, doing cryptography protocol design, security reviews, and red teaming.

I enjoy working on zero knowledge proofs - I coauthored the fastest Bulletproofs implementation ever, and have done research on input validation for Secure Aggregation using zero knowledge proofs (ACORN).

I did my undergrad and master’s at MIT. My master’s research was on multiparty computation for private queries, and was supervised by Matei Zaharia and Vinod Vaikuntanathan with the CSAIL Parallel and Distributed Operating Systems (PDOS) lab.

I am an organizer for the High Assurance Cryptography Software (HACS) Workshop. For a more complete account of my work, you can download my CV here.

In my spare time, I enjoy rock climbing, skiing, and circus arts (acroyoga and aerial silks). I occasionally write about my escapades. My brother Maxwell does cool stuff too.